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If you’re like me, the gym has become your second home. It’s where I go to escape from my everyday life and refuel my body. But with all the distractions that are out there, it’s hard to keep your mind on what you’re doing! That’s why I’ve found a way to increase retention rate for gyms: by making sure that members feel good about themselves as they work out…and feel good about their results as well!

1. Personal Attention

You can tailor your approach to each member, based on their answers. For example, if they tell you they’re new in town and want a place to train with people who share the same goals as them, make sure to offer them personalized attention–and don’t be afraid to ask them more questions!

      • Ask about their goals: What do they want from the gym? Is there anything specific that’s holding them back (like “I don’t have time right now”) or something else entirely (like “I’m not very flexible”).
      • Ask about their background: How long have they been training? Do they have any injuries or other issues at present? If so, what kind of treatment plan should I recommend for them?

2. Customised Workouts

Customised workouts are a great way to increase gym members retention. You can personalise the plan so it’s tailored to the individual, and give them an opportunity to learn how to do exercises correctly.

It’s also important that you be flexible with their schedules and make sure they are getting results from the workout. If they’re not seeing results, then there’s no point in continuing with the same plan!

You can use a club management solution like Zymo to create and assign customised workout chats and diet plans to your members.

3. Fitness Assessments

Fitness assessments are a great way to measure the progress of your fitness club members. If you have access to a fitness club solution or gym management software, you can track the results of each member’s assessment and see where they need more work. For example, if their BMI is too low, it might be time for them to lose some weight so that they can get their health in check before starting an exercise program at home or in another location where there are no doctors around who will monitor their progress as needed during times when they aren’t able to attend classes regularly due to other commitments such as work schedules etc…

4. Motivation

      • Motivation is a big factor in the success of any gym. It’s important to keep your members motivated and on track with their workouts, so that they can continue coming back for more.
      • In order for you to be able to motivate people, it’s important that you know what motivates them!

5. Competition

Competition is a great way to motivate people. It can be in the form of weight loss, strength gain or other goals.

It’s important to remember that competition can be internal or external (depending on your gym). If you’re competing against yourself and not others, it might not be as effective as if there was some sort of external pressure put on you by someone else like a coach or friend who has been working out longer than you have.

6. Collect Feedbacks

One of the best ways to increase gym members’ retention is to make them feel good about themselves, that they are getting results and that you are there for them.

If you want to keep your members coming back, it’s important to make sure they are getting results. This can be done through member feedback surveys or by asking them directly what they like or dislike about their experience at your gym so far. It’s also important not only to check in with people frequently but also offer incentives for doing so (like free classes, offer discounts on your cafe, etc).

The best way to collect feedbacks is to use any tools like Google forms or an all in one fitness club solution so that all your data are in one place. 


We hope these tips have helped you with your gym’s retention. Remember that the most important thing is to make sure your members feel good about themselves and their progress! If you can take some time, even small steps like this can make all the difference in maintaining a motivated and happy community.