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Use Zymo to optimize your business; from a single-person personal trainer to a multi-branch fitness club and increase sales and member retention!

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Never miss an opportunity to grow your business!

Make it easier than ever to automate your business processes.

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Automated follow-ups

Automate your follow-ups with Zymo: stay connected and in control.

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Automatically Capturing Leads

Website and social media leads in 1 place with automatic lead capturing.

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Custom reports that guide your decision-making

With Zymo, managing your marketing and fitness club becomes a breeze. Gain powerful reports into where your members and walk-ins are located, run campaigns based on hotspots, and make data-driven decisions quickly to boost your marketing efforts and fitness club management.


Get access to powerful analytical insights with Zymo

Access an array of analytical data to inform business decisions – all in a single


Increase in new sales


Growth in active membership

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Accelerate your business with the best fitness management solution

Keeping track of everything that’s happening in your business is easy with Zymo.

Health club alerts and notification
Alerts & Notifications

Our automated alert system sends WhatsApp, SMS, and Email notifications to your members and sends you daily notifications about the progress.

collect online payments for gyms
Online Payments

Easily collect payments online, create auto payment facilities, and even offer EMI options for your members.

biometric integration for gyms
Biometric Integration

Our biometric system provides automated access to your facility based on the validity of memberships, eliminating the need for manual control.

personal training application
Personal Training

Manage members' personal training, track progress, and split profits from each session with our built-in commissioning feature - all with no paperwork.

Fitness club scheduling & calendar
Schedules & Calendar

Renew membership, book classes or appointments in just a few clicks, check session availability with our interactive calendar.

Report and analytics for fitness club
Reports & Analytics

With our easy-to-use platform, instantly understand your business performance and get insights that can help drive your decision making.


Frequently asked questions

Make your finance goal real with your overwhelming platform for finance management. Giving you the best price and coverage for your needs.

Is this platform safe to use?

Yes, we encrypt data and store it securely, even our team won't have access to your data​

How to move to Zymo if I am using a gym application ?

You can easily import all the existing data into our gym management application and start using it immediately

Which fitness industries can us it?

Any gym, sports club, yoga studio, martial arts, boxing, wellness, orpersonal trainers can use it

Can I connect my application to a biometric device?

Yes you can connect and automate access to all your members. We support a wide range of biometric device integrations.

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Grow your fitness business like never before with Zymo’s all-in-one gym and fitness management solution.


Introduction Yoga has witnessed a remarkable surge in popularity in recent years,

Introduction As a gym owner or personal trainer, you understand the importance

Introduction Fitness club CRM is a core component of any successful fitness

Trusted by more than 1000 customers

Keeping track of everything that’s happening in your gym is easy with Zymo.

We’ve seen a 30% increase in non active members to active members after using Zymo.

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I have been searching for a good club software for a long time and I can finally say that I have found one.

Karma Yoga
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I own a small gym in Bay Bridge. Zymo has helped me grow my revenue by 20% over the past 7 months.

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